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Fade of the Day – Eternal 811 (1.5 Years, Unknown Washes & Soaks)

Eternal love? We might have found it. For today’s Fade of the Day, Liem Hu Sen of Indonesia has showcased the potential of jeans after just one year and and a few months through his pair of Eternal 811 IDC 2017 Contest Jeans.

In a way, the progress of these jeans were a family affair. Up to one year, Liem rarely washed or soaked his jeans, allowed the sharp creases and patterns to form. After the year was up, he welcomed a newborn girl which meant that this laissez-faire approach to cleaning his jeans went out the window. He says it was to keep his personal hygiene a priority for his daughter.

The result is an overall fade that may increase the number of Eternal jeans we see in our fade inbox. The veiny honeycombs are tight and plentiful, the seat, back of the thighs, and whiskers are glowing with a blue-white hue. The lines on the crotch thighs and knees are so distinct, you might think the jeans are jumping out at you.

Liem is dedicated to maxing out the fades on this pair because of a contest put on by the Darahkubiru Denim Forum. Good luck to you, Liem; win or lose, these fades are eternal.

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