Himel Bros. Shifts Into Fur With The Raider British Racer Leather Jacket

Himel Bros. is speeding toward the ultimate leather jacket finish line with their Raider British Racer Leather Jacket, and they’re very much in the lead. Inspired by esteemed (though, lesser-known) brand Brimaco, The Raider is a hair-raising take on the classic café racer.

Himel often offers their jackets in a variety of leathers, but this special breed is only available in Shinki horsehide. To be sure, that’s not a complaint. The black beauty will eventually give way to a rich, brown patina thanks to the pigment dye process, so entering this horse into the Fade of the Day race is a safe bet. And, if you haven’t noticed already, that racing stripe is made with black cow fur for a bit of je ne sais cow.

Other nuts and bolts include 1950s zippers with leather zipper pulls at the sleeves, an exaggerated chin strap, bi-swing shoulders, and a bevy of pockets inside and out. If you feel like tuning it up yourself, Himel gives you the freedom to swap out the hardware, add another pocket, and even change the thread color. Since we can’t really say it better than Himel themselves, here it is straight from the horse’s mouth, “The Raider is more than tough enough for use as a rider’s jacket, and more than stylish enough for day-to-day wear.”

Available for $2,550 at Himel Bros.