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Kiriko Crafts Traditional Japanese Fabric Into Button-Up Shirts

Sometimes you have to mortgage a closet to get a Japanese-made shirt that will presumably look good for years, but also sometimes you don’t. These Kiriko Long Sleeve Button Ups, for instance, are made in Japan, but they’re priced like no one ever told them that they were made in Japan. 

Coming in a couple of classic patterns and made with 100% cotton Kasuri-Ori fabrics, each of these sensible wonders feature a button-down collar, a button front, a patch pocket at the chest, a box pleat at the back, button cuffs and a rounded hem. 

They’re cut slim, which is fine I guess (sizing up is literally as easy as sizing properly if you really want to get into it), are both done in an everyday navy blue and they both cost $99. And no, I didn’t forget any numbers.

Available at Kiriko in White Dash and White Stripe.