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National Athletic Goods Relays Their Retro-Inspired Track Shorts

If you’re like me, your wardrobe has only one appreciable gap—workout wear. My jeans, tees, and outerwear are all top-notch, but I just keep wearing the same old pair of gym shorts from Target when I go for runs. For folks like us who prefer all cotton goodness to the tech-wear mainstream, there are options.

National Athletic Goods has dropped a selection of their retro-inspired Track Shorts. With high rises and very short inseams, they’re unapologetically old-school, and best of all, they’re made of lightweight an all-cotton 7oz. jersey. In Faded Olive, Crimson, and Navy, they stand out from the other all-cotton options, which tend to go for that rather drab Rocky gray. They have two front pockets, a ribbed waist—basically, everything you’ve ever wanted from your workout shorts.

Available for $85CAD (~$65USD) at Lost & Found.