The Rare L-2A Flight Jacket Flies Again Thanks to The Real McCoy’s

The U.S. Air Force’s rare L-2A Flight Jacket is coveted by collectors for its rare blue colorway, used to differentiate from the drab greens used by the military’s more, ahem, terrestrial forces.

This L-2A is also less insulated than more common USAF jackets, making it a great warm weather option for this type of piece. Being the experts that they are, The Real McCoy’s is well aware of the pedigree and seasonality and has done a repro just in time to get it out as the temperatures rise.

Done in the exact same shade of blue as the original, this L-2A is made with The Real McCoys own custom nylon with wool nap back lining, custom wool ribbing at the neck and cuffs, a deadstock Talon zipper, two front slant pockets, notepad pocket at the left arm, and all the rest of the details one willing to spend upwards of $800 on a picture perfect repro of an L-2A would hope to be there.

Available for $865 at Standard & Strange.