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Relaxed Drawstring Pants – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

Whether you are looking for a pair of pants to lounge around the house in or want some casual pants to wear out and about, you can’t go wrong with some relaxed, drawstring pants. They’re comfortable, versatile, and are likely to become your new go-to style once you get used to them. There are a wide array of pants in this style, so you’re unlikely to be a fan of all of them, but there’s certainly a pair in this list you’ll want to get tied down to.

1) Uniqlo: Pull-On Relaxed Pants

Relaxed,-Drawstring-Pants---Five-Plus-One 1) Uniqlo: Pull-On Relaxed Pants

Uniqlo’s Pull-On Relaxed Pants are a perfect choice if you’d like some drawstring pants that can also be dressed up. They might just look like a pair of drawstring chinos, the inclusion of belt looks will let you dress them up for business casual outfits and no one will be the wiser. And when you’re done at work just take off the belt and you’re already in your loungewear. That’s what I call a win-win.

Available for $30 at Uniqlo.

2) Kazuki Kumagai Attachment: Nylon Sarouel Pants


If you are into drop-crotch pants then look no further than Attachment’s Nylon Sarouel Pants. Designed with a relaxed fit and tapered ankle, these pants are the ultimate in breathable, comfortable loungewear. Made in Japan from a unique 92%/8% nylon/polyurethane fabric blend, these uniquely designed pants are finished with a leather tie, metal buttons, and some of the best construction out there.

Available for $265 at Blue Owl.

3) Monitaly: Drop Crotch Pants in Light Linen


If you are looking for the ultimate in lightweight, breathable loungewear pants then you might just have found them in Monitaly’s Drop Crotch Pants in Light Linen. Constructed with a front zipper, button, and drawstring, these relaxed-fitting pants are both generous fitting and secure, making them a great deal whether you’re lazing around the house, taking the dog for the morning rounds, or going out for the day.

Available from $264 at Monitaly.

4) Prospective Flow: Momohiki Pant


While I understand people’s aversion to overly baggy pants, drop-crotch pants, and heavily tapered pants, I refuse to believe it’s possible to have an aversion Prospective Flow’s Momohiki Pants. Somehow every piece of them just flows together seamlessly, from the aforementioned divisive design points, to the front pleats, wrap belt closure, and flapped back panel. Available in range of colors, you’ll surely be able to find a pair you like…so long as the style matches your, well, style.

Available from $196 at Unionmade.

5) Manual Alphabet: Thai Pants


If there is one thing I like more than relaxed, drawstring pants it’s a good pun, so you can imagine how much I like Manual Alphabet’s Thai Pants. Sure, the design is a lot more understated than a lot of the other pairs on this list, but in all honesty, that makes them a lot more wearable for many of us. Made from 72%/28% rayon/polyester fabric, these pants are lightweight and durable, and the relaxed cut ensures the synthetic fabric doesn’t prevent the pants from breathing. It’d be nice to see them in a wider range of colors, but it’s hard to deny that these pants look awesome in black, and are as versatile as they can be given the style.

Available for $199 at Blue Button Shop.

Plus One – Zed: Catch All Trousers in Silk Nep Denim


Ever since I saw Zed’s Catch All Trousers in Silk Nep Denim I knew I had to find a place for them in one of our Five Plus Ones, and the day has finally come. Designed with drawstrings at both the waist and ankles, these relaxed fitting pants are some of the most unique on the market. The waist tie ensures you’re able to get a comfortable fitting pair of trousers, while the ankle ties let you choose how bunched up or cropped you want your pants to be on that particular day, perfect for those of you who have a wide range of shoes to show off. But the real star of the show is the silk new denim, which is highly textured even at a far, and sure to be the perfect weight for all day spring/summer comfort.

Available for $286 from Glasswing.

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