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UES Has Been Slinging Their 14.9oz. Denim Waist Bags Before it Got Cool Again

Now we’re calling them waist bags? As each new season arises, the fanny pack gets a new name. Fanny pack, hip pack, cross shoulder bag, cross body bag, etc, etc. Now waist bags. While the fanny pack had a quick moment during the last of moments of the 1980’s neon glory, it feels like it’s found its footing and could be here to stay.

That would be great news for UES who has been in the fanny pack game for some time now, and they’re slinging these fanny packs, erm, waist bags in standard denim as well as a hickory stripe option. The 14.9 oz. Denim Waist Bags are made from once-washed Japanese selvedge denim, have two pockets for you to store your small necessities and accessories, feature duck canvas pulls at the copper zippers, and have been grand indigo dyed so be sure to expect some fades in time.

Available for $176AUD (~$125USD) at Corlection.