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Corridor Gets Crocking on These Cotton Crewneck Sweaters

Sweater shopping in April? Folks might think you’re crazy until they see you roll up and get a look at your new Corridor knit Cotton Crewneck in person.

These crewneck sweaters are loosely knit in Peru from soft, high-gauge cotton thread; perfect for those breezy summer nights to come. Without the itch factor (and some of the unnecessary warmth) of wool, these crewnecks are designed to fit a little large, letting just enough night breeze circulate through the garment that you stay cozy, without getting uncomfortable.  The crewneck is available in a few colors including a deep indigo, a washed-out indigo, and finally an ivory cotton one. With these options, just about anyone should be able to find that perfect summer night sweater.

Available from $275 at Corridor.