Fade of the Day – Cast Iron Cauldron (100+ years, 66 washes, 6 soaks)

They say nothing cooks like cast iron, and our Fade of the Day puts that motto to the test. After over a century of cooking up stews, ragouts, and fricassees, John of Nebraska’s cauldron is truly a sight to behold.

John found this 24-inch beauty swinging aimlessly in a secluded clearing while he was cleaning out his recently deceased grandfather’s farmhouse. John says he was never especially close with his grandfather, in fact his mother specifically forbid their contact after she found him hanging above a low fire in this very cauldron as a child. John (now 37), however, felt preternaturally drawn to the property ever since his grandfather spontaneously combusted on the winter solstice.

John says he plans to use the cauldron to “prepare unsullied sustenance” as the weather heats up this spring. Looking forward to seeing more pics!