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Fade of the Day – Levi’s 501T (1 Year, 15 Washes, 3 Soaks)

We’ve got some washed-out Levi’s 501Ts for today’s Fade of the Day, sent to us by Farhans in Indonesia, who literally uses them as a blanket.

Farhan’s washed these a lot- fifteen times in the past year, to be exact. We understand that everyone has their own wear style, but I think we can all agree that jeans should be washed more often than not. Especially if you sleep in your jeans, as Farhans claims to sometimes do, or during the day studying, and hanging with his friends.

Overall, they’ve attained a nice, faded blue color from washing, but Farhans has obviously been wearing these diligently. They’ve got light fades all along the backside, with subtle whiskering on the knees, as well as a ton of fading on the thighs and knee. They look pillowy soft from all the wear and washing, and without any damage or ripping in a year’s time, in part due to the 501Ts being 2% polyester.

Levi’s 501 Taper Stretch Raw Denim Jeans

  • Fabric: 99% cotton, 1% Elastane denim
  • Fabric weight: Unknown
  • Fabric source: Unknown
  • Made in:
  • Fit:
  • Additional Details:
    • Sanforized
    • Button fly
    • Arcuates
    • Red tab
  • Available at: Levi’s for $51.98