Fade of the Day – N&F, Samurai, Amory, Lofgren, Iron Heart (2 Years, 11 Months, 1 Soak)

You might have heard of the Canadian Tuxedo, but today’s Fade of the Day is on a whole other level. A lone warrior, only known as the “Wizard of 32oz”, who splits his time between Vancouver and Hong Kong, has stolen the show with his bountiful denim cornucopia. I’m not even going to question how absurd that sentence sounds out of context.

The Wizard truly means business with his outfit, showcasing a pair of Naked and Famous jeans, Iron Heart Overalls, Amory Type 1 jacket, Samurai Type 2 jacket, and John Lofgren Engineer Boots. Wearing his denim uniform for nearly three years while working on the railroad has produced magic, hard-earned fades. If there were a denim video game, after beating all the other denim heads, this would be the final boss.

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