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Levi’s and Beams Pull Their Capsule Collection Inside Out

Not for the fashion faint of heart, the newest Levi’s x Beams collab will surely have strangers staring, or maybe commenting, “I think your jeans are inside out.”

And guess what? That’s the point. The whole collection is flipped inside out to expose the weft and hide the warp. The aptly named “Inside Out Collection” features a kimono, western shirt, trucker jacket, a classic pair of 501s, and a graphic tee, all with the same Opposite Day styling. Though definitely a daring choice, committing to and fading these pieces, all made with selvedge denim, would be very cool; you’d fade the indigo through to the other side the more you washed and wore these pieces! Well-made, provocatively styled, these babies are out there.

Available for pre-release on April 26 at Beams Japan.