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S.K. Manor Hill Twists Their Trucker Jacket-Inspired Type 100 Jacket

Hear me out: if you’re going to remake a classic trucker jacket and yours is going to have a Twist*, tweak the fabric selection. Case in point: these two Type 100 Jackets from S.K. Manor Hill, which reference Levi’s Type II truckers, design-wise, but enlist two summer-ready fabrics to liven up the classic silhouette. 

*(For the record, literally all trucker jackets have “Twists” these days, even if the twist is that there is no twist and they just recreated a 100-year-old garment to spec, kind of like if M. Night Shyamalan dropped a Sixth Sense director’s cut that ended with a title card reading “Ghosts aren’t real and these characters are seriously ill.” Anyways.)

Cut to layer, classically styled and built for warm weather, designer Dominic Sondag employed a puckered, lightweight, navy blue cotton blend fabric on one, for those who are into subtly, and a striped cotton-linen blend one for those who are decidedly not into subtly. Both, however, are great. 

The striped one, in particular, looks like it heads an international drug ring, which is a radical departure from the “I Power Rank Craft Beers” vibe most truckers throw these days. For no record in particular, I sometimes prefer craft beer to Schedule 1 drugs too, but I also kind of want my jackets to leave people guessing.

Specs-wise, these were made in the USA and outfitted with horn buttons, a button front placket, patch pockets at the front and an additional interior pocket for utility, making them damn-near perfect summer jackets. 

Available from $495CAD (~$370USD) at Lost & Found. 

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