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Studio D’artisan Develops 15oz. of Double Indigo for Their G-004

Studio D’Artisan is a brand that shouldn’t need any introduction, but sometimes gets left behind by the likes of the hipper, more modern denim brands.

I doubt anyone at SDA is tripping, though. They’ve been in the game longer than pretty much anyone, and they know what they’re doing. Their newest indigo/indigo denim, christened the G-004 is made on the G3 Toyoda looms that helped kick off the selvedge denim boom in Japan. Much the same as their G-003, the jeans have a gorgeous, deep shade of indigo; one that’s just begging to be faded. These slim-tapered jeans have been once-soaked to get most of the shrinkage out and they feel great.

There is a tasteful slub to the jeans, just enough to ensure great fades and avoid looking too plain, without crossing the fine line into gimmicky territory. Extra details like a goat-hide patch, hidden rivets, and heavyweight duck pocket bags should seal the deal for those on the fence.

These deep, deep double-indigo jeans are available for $335 at Self Edge.