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W’menswear Approaches Their SS19 Collection with Healing Hands

Whether an appreciation for construction, history, or utilitarian design, military-inspired garments can’t be separated from war. And while the vast majority of brands take influences from garb donned by soldiers in battle, W’menswear takes a different tack with their newest collection, “Revolution of Tenderness,” which casts a more nurturing eye on the tumultuous 1970s.

The collection, though partially inspired by the Vietnam War, uses a more nuanced avenue to approach the subject matter. Instead of Apocalypse Now, they focus on the Australian Army Nursing Corp. So, we get the militaria that everyone loves, but from a division of the armed forces more focused on healing and teaching than using napalm. Slouchy, pragmatic coveralls dominate the lookbook, but they’re complemented by life-jacket-orange dresses and Navy-inspired bell flared deck pants. W’menswear does what the brand does best, reinterpret the classics, while simultaneously playing with our gender mores.

You can find the collection over at W’menswear as well as Scout Classic.