Fade of the Day – SOSO Tailor-Made Flared Low Waist (17 Months, Unknown Washes & Soaks)

Flare jeans just aren’t cool anym— OK , holy moly. For today’s Fade of the Day, Emma from Umeå,  Sweden, might have just single-handedly brought back bell-bottom jeans. Emma has worn these custom pair of SOSO jeans daily for almost one and a half years and has given them plenty of washes and soaks. The result of her toils are the ultimate fruit of denim’s labor: fading!

There are some pairs that just look better with vintage, washed-out fades and there are some that look better with high contrast, dramatic fades. These jeans ask, “Why not both?”. They’re made from an 11 oz. ‘Ocean Blue Indigo Soaked Stretch Redline Selvedge‘ and truly live up to their name. They look like an ocean with the blue hues changing gradually throughout the jeans. Not only are the creases beautifully baked into the jeans, they are nearly identical on both legs, which makes them so satisfying to look at.

Because these jeans are low waisted, the whiskers ascend all the way to the belt loops, making them the high tide of denim. There are only a few knee creases but these things could cross state lines they are so long. The honeycombs are wavy and holographic, completely contrasting the style fading on the rest of the jeans. Groovy.