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Fade Friday – Iron Heart IH-666S 18 oz. (~2.5 Years, Unknown Washes & Soaks)

Ain’t these purrrrrdy? For this week’s Fade Friday, Michael Cook of Texas is bringing some well well WELL-worn Iron Heart 18 0z IH-666S jeans to the table. And if this table was playing Texas Hold ’em, we’d fold.

For the last two years and change, Michael has worn these in the oil fields for work, sometimes for days at a time. He also does a fair share of hiking and horseback riding in them. Because of all this wear, these jeans have the repairs to show it. Let us  praise Michael for his DIY repairs as we support anyone trying to personally keep their denim alive. These include replacing the seams on one front and one back pocket. For the first four months, these jeans never saw water. Since then they have gotten a shower wash everyone month, rivaling the frequency of when I bathe. They have also been machine washed five or so times to get out blood, coppercote, drilling mud, etc. You know, just your average stains.

The culmination of the consistent washing and hard wear are the faaaaaded pair you see before you. The over all fading really showcases the gritty yet inviting texture of the denim. The upper thigh whiskers and honeycombs are ICY. The creases are literally white. The knees are indigo ghost towns. And in a rare spectacle, the area below the knees on both the front and back have subtly, watery creases.

Now you may have noticed that these jeans fit this dude like a glove. Although we are sure they looked good when first purchased, Michael had Railcar Fine Goods give them a hem and a taper leading to bespoke-lookin’ Iron Hearts.

Iron Heart IH-666S Raw Denim Jeans

  • Fabric: 100% cotton Japanese raw selvedge denim
  • Fabric weight: 18 oz.
  • Fabric source: Japan
  • Made in: Japan
  • Fit: Slim Fit (aka “The Devil’s Fit”)
  • Additional details:
    • Lined rear pockets
    • Button fly
    • Reinforcing tape on inside of front pocket openings
    • Belt loops sewn into waistband
    • Over gauge constructional stitching
  • Available at: Currently unavailable at Iron Heart