Iron Heart Did Serge-ry on Some Shorts

Cargo shorts—or, as Iron Heart is inexplicably describing them, “cargo-pant style shorts*”—get a bad rap. Superbad probably didn’t help, but cargo shorts in general also probably didn’t help. They got weird. They got crazy long. But they’re getting back to their roots, and those are solid roots. For instance, these 12oz. Beige Swedish Camp Shorts from Iron Heart are most definitely cargo shorts, but they look pretty good. 

(*Serious question: what makes shorts “cargo-pant style” and not just cargo shorts? Like, if they come with all the accoutrement of cargo shorts aren’t they that? Not even asking for a friend, genuinely curious.) 

Made in Japan with a 12oz. Swedish serge that was sulfur-dyed and washed once for good measure, these mid-length shorts feature felled seams throughout, a zipper fly, cargo pockets at each leg, single-, double- and triple-needle construction and a classic fit. 

But again, if anyone is still confused, these are cargo shorts. I don’t know what a camp short is, exactly—for me, that would probably be Baggies and this isn’t that—but these have cargo pockets, ergo they’re cargo shorts. But they can hold lots of things, so that’s a positive, and they’re good cargo shorts. 

Available for $200 at Iron Heart.