Railcar Spikes Another Pair of Cone Mills Denim Into the Track

I like Railcar’s name. Names are hard, but they have a good one. At one point, people who rode railcars were tough and adventurous and also probably carried rucksacks and switchblades and flasks full of grain alcohol that would blind large mammals. I’m sure there was a downside, I just don’t really want to go there, especially when these Spikes X052 Slim Taper 14oz. Dark Indigo jeans are so good. 

First of all, Railcar got themselves some 14oz. denim from Cone Mills White Oak, which is cool. (Is there a lot of something that’s allegedly extinct? Not sure, but also don’t complain about good things.) They also come in a Slim Taper fit, which sounds versatile. 

Made in Railcar’s Monrovia, California workshop, each pair features a button fly with interior shell-edge stitching, single-needle back pocket stitching, a double-piece waistband and, of course, red-line selvedge ID. 

And because Railcar lets nice people make their rules, they’ll hem them for free. But get them while you can, they’ll last only as long as the Cone Denim supply does. 

Available for $220 at Railcar Fine Goods.