Vin’s Brass Key Rings Lend a Helping and Humorous Hand

It’s pretty much agreed that the best way to carry your keys is with some kinda doo-hickey that attaches to somewhere in your belt region. Even though we all love this carrying technique, there hasn’t been a crazy amount of innovation for the humble key hook.

If you want to get in on the most stylish and convenient way to carry your keys, but make a statement doing so, check out Vin’s. The brand, based in Kamakura, Japan, has been dye-casting some fun and outrageous key rings, which can serve a variety of purposes. They can hook on your belt and can even double as a money clip or a bottle opener. The best part about these brass goodies are the hands, which will definitely stand apart in a sea of key ring clones.

These crazy hooks are available for £89.99 (~$120 USD) at Clutch Cafe.