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Fade of the Day – Red Wing 877 (3 Years)

If there’s anything we love more than nice, faded denim than it has to be beautiful, patinated leather. Today’s Fade of the Day is a pair of Red Wing 877 that are just that.

These boots come to us from Ricki Hall in London, England, who wore them religiously every day for 3 years. Ricki says these boots have “seen some things. Terrible things. ;)” How bad are we talking about Ricki? 😉

Traumatizing life stuff aside, these boots look great thanks to the beating they’ve taken. The toes have scraped down to a nice, light shade and the heel counters have taken on that patented sheen that Red Wing’s S.B. Foot leather is known for. However, the rubbers soles have worn down dangerously at the heel and will need a resole ASAP to keep these beauties alive and kicking.

You can follow Ricki on Instagram.

Red Wing Heritage 877 8″ Moc-Toe Boots

  • Material: Cowhide, rubber
  • Material source: Texas cowhide
  • Made in: USA
  • Additional Details:
    • Goodyear welted
    • 8-inch height
    • Rubber sole
    • Triple stitching
    • 63-inch laces
    • Nickel eyelets
  • Available at: Nordstrom for $290