Fade of the Day – Mossimo Dark Wash Bootcut Custom (12 Years, Unknown Washes & Soaks)

In our opinion, the longer you can wear in your raw denim the better, and this submission has made it to a whopping 12 (yes, 12!) years with some nice fades, alterations, and repairs to show for it. It’s certainly worthy of Fade of the Day glory! 

These Mossimos began life as a pair of Dark Wash Bootcut jeans, and as Stephanie Denae from Indianapolis explains, at some point in the distant past they were chopped to become shorts. Stephanie can’t count the number of times she’s washed and soaked them and credits her husband for the cool sashiko stitching and numerous repair jobs. Along with some seriously intense whiskers, this pair has faded pretty well too – check out the indigo inside the back pockets for evidence. 

The thing Stephanie likes best about these shorts is what a testament they are to the sustainability of raw denim, and we’d wholeheartedly agree!