Haven’s Second Drop of Kapital Highlights Denim and Bandanas

Pulling together a Kapital assortment is tough ask for any store—make a weird turn on a line sheet and you’re accidentally stocking three looks from Feivel Goes West plus a hat with a glove on top—so shoutout Haven for getting one off. 

Just a well-edited 14 pieces, the range is simultaneously subdued and batsh*t crazy—in other words, pretty perfect. In regards to jackets, Haven grabbed two different patchwork 1st JKTs that were made entirely from perfectly faded bandanas, which yeah. Then they went ahead and added a 10oz. IDG x IDG Denim Riders Jacket to the mix, because why not. 

They also picked up a Samu Pullover variant with three ammo pockets at the front, a couple of giant bandana-sleeved t-shirts and both colors of the Gabardine Cotton Easy Beach Go Pants, which are early contenders for Pant of the Summer. 

(Just to save people time, there aren’t any other fitted things in here. It’s not that I’m ignoring them—which I would do—it’s that they’re not there. So, know that the exclusion of other slim-fitting highlights is somehow both intentional and out of my control. Blame Kapital, but then forgive them immediately because don’t blame personal taste on other things. Onward.)

In regards to accessories, there’s a hat with more pockets than a camera bag—please don’t check the math—a Peter Max-esque bandana and two patchwork bandana Snuffkin Bags to match the jackets. 

(Also, the tech on Haven’s editorial is awesome. If you haven’t experienced it, you should change that. It’s enjoyable.)

If you want to see more, check out Haven.

(P.S. I could pretend like there’s an actual horse race afoot for the MVP (Most Valuable Piece) of Haven’s entire Kapital assortment, but that would be disingenuous because there’s only one MA-1 Nylon Army Sha-Ka Jacket. It’s perfect and I’ll fight anyone that disagrees. (A note for clarity: I won’t fight anyone that disagrees because I’m not very big.) That’s nonsense, you say? Fine. It is nonsense, but this thing makes me nonsensical. I want it so bad. You can snap off an entire front placket to make it like a Lhamo shirt, and then you can turn that placket into something called a “Snood,” which is apparently a thing besides a computer game.)

Direction: Paolo Azarraga | Photography: Norihisa Hayashi | Styling: James Dueck | Assistant: Ryan Maxwell | Model: Aaron Pharness