Samurai Brings Back Their Element Jeans

Leading with a confession is usually not the right move, but Making the Right Move isn’t part of my personal brand and I don’t plan on changing that so here’s that confession: I’m neck deep into Not Jeans Season. I don’t even care that it’s still decidedly spring or that the local forecast has more plot twists than a teen-targeted Netflix drama. But (BUT) Samurai brought back two-fifths of their famed “The Book of Five Rings” collection, so that’s exciting whether or not my current aesthetic is Divorced Dad That Shows Up Late to His Kid’s Baseball Game With a Bag of Half-Eaten Fast Food for an End of Game Snack and No Extra Water.

If you’re still hanging in here with me, bless you and your patient soul, and also, here are some details:  done in both the Tight Tapered “Water” cut and the Tight Straight “Earth” cut, each of these limited styles will be made with a 100% cotton, 17oz., pure indigo-dyed denim—the Earth model coming with a persimmon-colored weft—and come outfitted with all the thoughtful elements one could hope for in a Samurai product, but cooler.

For starters, the donut buttons have five elements embossed on them—including emptiness, for all us Sad Bois—the goatskin patch and pocket bags highlight the specific element the jean is referring to, and the pair as a tandem pay homage to the classic Japanese book “The Book of Five Rings,” which was penned (quilled?) in 1645 by the legendary swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi. 

And even if you, like myself, aren’t ready for jeans right now, these won’t even ship until the fall. But order them now, there’s a reason they’re available for pre-order. 

Both available for $348 at Denimio.