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Soulive’s Ranru Shirts are Bandanas, B-A-N-D-A-N-A-S

LARPing a classic accessory might not be everyone’s thing—or a thing at all—but it’d be hard to fault someone for trying to dress like a bandana if they do it with this Soulive Bandana Ranru set. Would that person be running like 42 simultaneous risks, each with varying levels of consequence? TBD, but risky behavior is in 2019. (If it’s not, don’t fault me. I neither make the rules or pay attention to them.)

Coming in three styles done in three different(-ish) colorways, each patchwork-constructed piece from the collection is made in Japan from an absolutely absurd array of 100% cotton, indigo-dyed (yes, even the red one), bandana-style fabrics. Because Soulive just decided to really drill down on the aforementioned absurdity, those bandana fabrics aren’t even printed, like your standard bandanas. Those things are mfing woven. Does it matter? Of course it does. That woven fabric has an embroidery-level weight to it. 

As far as the pieces go, there’s a real good hooded Jacket done in a reddish hue, a pair of crazy good wide-leg Pants and two different button downs with point collars and all the standard accoutrement you’d want in a button down, but if that button down was absolutely wasted on bandanas. 

All available at Blue Owl from $395-$445. 

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