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Bonhomme Takes Their Escape Scarves to the Brim with Nébeau

I was at least 93% sure that something got lost in Google Translation when I elected to switch the copy on the product page for this Bonhomme x Nébeau Bucket Hat from French to English, but I’m 100% sure that it’s a really good bucket hat.

Arriving in peak Bucket Hat Season, it’s made in France from organic cotton and—because subtle flexes are as important as regular flexes in the summertime—the underside of the brim is lined with a “true scarf of escape*,” so you know it’s good.

(*See. Turns out escape scarves are a real thing, though.)

And while Bucket Hat Season is a limited affair—in most places, at least—these are even more so.

Get one for €75 (~$85USD) at Bonhomme.