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Fade of the Day – Elhaus Dweller (1 Year, 5 Washes, 1 Soak)

Every so often we get a Fade of the Day submission that’s a perfect example – a ‘best in show’, if you will, and when it comes to vertical falling fades, this pair of Elhaus Dweller has it!

Sent in by Agus Prasetyo of Jakarta, Indonesia, these jeans have had just one year of wear, five washes, and a single soak to achieve the spot-on indigo loss that you see here. Agus wears this 18 oz. denim everywhere, and as a result they’ve got some nice, even fading and whiskers on the thighs. There’s also good honeycombs on the back knees, heavy contrasts on the seat and a phone profile in the pocket. You can already see how much more obvious the slub yarn is becoming with time, and we expect that give a couple more months it’ll be even more impressive!

You can follow Agus on Instagram.