Fatigue Pants — Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

Fatigue pants are one of those garments that you either love or hate. While similar to cargo pants in many ways, they’re most identifiable by their trapezoidal front patch pockets and flapped, buttoned back pockets. Generally, they fit more on the baggy side, but if that’s your style it’s great to have a pair in wardrobe.

1) Stan Ray: Tapered Fit Fatigue Pant


Okay, I did just say that fatigue pants are generally on the baggier side, but that’s not the case when it comes to Stan Ray’s Tapered Fit Fatigue Pants. The top block is bit on the fuller side, sure, but the taper below the knee gives these pants a much more modern fit. They’re available in 15 different fabrics, and when combined with their made-in-the-USA quality and very affordable price these pants are a no-brainer.

Available for $85 from Heddels Shop.

2) orSlow: Fatigue Pants


When I picture a pair of stereotypical fatigue pants in my mind they’re almost identical to this pair from orSlow. While these are a bit on the slimmer side, orSlow’s choice of fabric, patterning, and stitching reinforcements are about as classic as they get. These pants are made-in-Japan to the highest quality, but we’ve come to expect nothing less from OrSlow. Completed with a Universal zipper and button tabs on the wait, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Available for $216 at Independence.

3) Tellason: Fatigue Pant


Once you’ve mastered jeans the next obvious step is fatigue pants, and that’s exactly the direction that Tellason has taken. Their interpretation of classic trouser are a bit fuller fitting, as you’d expect them to be, and are made in Italy. They come in a wide range of fabrics, and come with all the details you could hope for: button/flapped back pockets, the iconic front hand pockets, and a slightly tapered leg.

Available for $198 at Tellason.

4) 3sixteen: Fatigue Pant


3sixteen is another brand upgrading their game by perfecting the ever popular fatigue pant. They’re made in the USA from selvedge canvas, and feature replica GDU buttons, flapped, gusseted, and buttoned back pockets, and all the attention to detail you could possibly hope for. 3sixteen kept the fit of these pants more on the baggy side, and while that’s not what I like to wear personally, it’s hard to fault them for staying close to the original.

Available for $285 at Franklin and Poe.

5) Shockoe Atelier: Ivy Street Modern Military Trousers


These Ivy Street Modern Military Trousers from Shockoe Atelier are truly one of a kind. Made from a 9oz. herringbone twill fabric, these slim-fitting fatigue pants are chocked full of great details. From their rolled and tucked belt loops to their blackened, copper hardware, these trousers are true show stoppers. The back pockets may be far from traditional when it comes to fatigue pants, but they’ll be just what you’re used to if you’re transitioning away from the world of raw denim.

Available for $195 at Shockoe.

Plus One — C.O.F. Studio: Fatigue Pant


C.O.F.’s Fatigue Pants are the perfect pair for denim aficionados. Made from double weave denim, these slim-fitting fatigue pants are easy to work into just about any wardrobe. While they’re constructed from Japanese denim, everything else, from the thread and labels to the actual construction, is thanks to Italy. This pair is certainly the most out-there of any of the fatigue pants on this list, but that’s only by virtue of the fact that they’re fatigue pants made of denim. They’re still completely wearable by even the most understated dresser.

Available for Discontinued.