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Japan Blue and Okayama Denim Defeat Summer Heat with ‘Dog Days’ Denim

No, those aren’t snowflakes fallen on these Okayama Denim x Japan Blue 10oz. Dog Days Nep Selvedge Jeans. What you’re seeing is the incredible texture of the special denim which has an insane amount of “neps” in both the warp and weft of the fabric. The irregular yarns of this denim cause the various sized neps that you see peppered throughout the denim, little specks of cotton that make your jeans a lot more interesting to behold, even before they’re all worn in and faded.

These white-line selvedge beauties are made in Japan in a 10oz. denim, perfect for muggy summers, and in a high tapered fit you’ll be walking the streets without any excess fabric on your legs. With choice details like a heavyweight Tochigi Cowhide leather patch dyed in indigo, indigo flower discharge printed pocket bags, Japan Blue embossed metal buttons, and selvedge detail at the coin pocket. These are geared toward the hardcore indigo geeks among us, but be swift because there are only 96 pairs.

Available for $180 at Okayama Denim.