Kapital Showers These Drizzler Jackets with Aloha Vibes

Rarely referred to by name, Drizzler jackets blend in so well that they are often overlooked. Kapital is fond of bringing attention, through vibrant pattern and quirky details, to common-yet-overlooked garments, and this season they’ve worked their krazy magic to the jacket most widely known as the piece James Dean made cool in Rebel Without A Cause to do more of the same.

A slight tweak on the Harrington jacket, Drizzlers are similarly intended for wear during the warmer months and Kapital has only insinuated that further by employing a pair of patterned rayon fabrics that look like they were originally intended for aloha shirts. Known for their somewhat short length with a flat hem that’s elasticated at the back, and their somewhat drapey long sleeves with buttoned cuffs, these jackets offer a vintage fit that works incredibly well right now as proportions are being tugged and pulled about. And if nothing else, here’s your chance at the rare aloha jacket.

Available from $594 at Union.