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Schott Applies Their New York Motorcycle Heritage to Hawaiian Shirts

Schott is a brand best-known for their heavy leather jackets, but the folks in charge of this legendary brand aren’t dummies—they know summertime means less leather and more breezy pieces. To keep their fans appeased and out of sweltering jackets, Schott has dropped a quartet of gorgeous Hawaiian shirts.

These shirts aren’t your average floral dad-wear. Instead, the patterns complement the brand’s history of New York punk rebellion. The shirts veer away from pastiche designs, but the details are all authentic to classic Hawaiian shirts. They feature a square hem, loop-buttoned splay collar, and are cut from a super practical cotton/rayon blend, which allows for extra breathability, comfort, and repeated wearability. The four shirts are either embossed with sailor tattoo style designs or vintage-y images of New York’s most recognizable landmarks. All of which are great and none of which are cheesy BBQ shirts.

Available for £129 (~$160) at Clutch Cafe.