Seuvas Takes Canvas to the Next Level

These aren’t your average canvas workshirts. Seuvas is a brand dedicated to working strictly with canvas of different weights, own their own canvas looms and factory, and do it all so they can get the look, feel, and texture of the fabric juuuuust right.

Cut and sewn in Kurashiki, Japan using vintage sewing machines, both of these 100% cotton canvas shirts feature double-needle construction, gusseted side seams, and a lone piece of branding: a single, hand-made porcelain button made from clay ore in Amakusa City, Kimamoto prefecture, also known as a Amakusa pottery stone. As for differences, the Tassa shirt is made from a lightweight Tassa canvas that’s gone untreated, undyed, and has a single front pocket, while the 79A shirt is done in a 79A medium-lightweight canvas in a couple of subdued colorways, chain stitch runoff, double chest pockets with a pen holder at the left chest. Not your average indeed!

Available from $250 at Self Edge.