Short Sleeve Patchwork Shirts — Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

Patchwork: the perfect material for when one fabric or pattern just isn’t enough. Sure, patchwork can be a bit gaudy and you certainly can’t wear the same patchwork piece every day, but it’s a great material to spice up your outfits from time to time.

1) FDMTL: Boro Patchwork Henley

Short-Sleeve-Patchwork-Shirts---Five-Plus-One 1) FDMTL: Boro Patchwork Henle

FDMTL is well-known for their patchwork clothing, and their Boro Patchwork Henley is just the tip of the iceberg. Made with a multitude of fabrics and sashiko reinforcements, this shirt is quite different from many other patchwork shirts out there. That said, in many ways, it is more subtle and thereby more frequently wearable. If short-sleeved henleys and patchwork is your game, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Available for $190CAD (~$145USD) at Miloh Shop.

2) SOPHNET.: Patchwork Short Sleeve Shirt


Designed with the look of ’90s bandanna’s in mind, SOPHNET.’s Patchwork Short Sleeve Shirt encapsulates an era of fashion that has long since passed. While many of use are happy to see ’90s style go by the wayside, if you miss the stonewashed denim and distinctive patterns than this shirt is perfect for you. This piece is made in Japan from 100% cotton, so you can ensure you’ll be getting the best quality possible.

Available for $249 at End Clothing.

3) Kapital: IDG Patchwork Kathmandu Shirt


Kapital always produces interesting pieces, so it should come as no surprise that they have an awesome patchwork shirt: the IDG Patchwork Kathmandu Shirt. Made in Japan from linen/cotton fabric, this shirt features various denims, twills, and reinforced panels to create a truly unique look. The distressed appearance of this piece isn’t for everyone, but it’s certainly a fantastic option if you dress in the aesthetic that this shirt dictates.

Available for $315 at Blue Button Shop.

4) Universal Works: Patchwork Checked Cotton Shirt


This Patchwork Checked Cotton Shirt from Universal Works is one of the most compelling patchwork shirts on the market. Not only is the price very affordable, but the combination of checkered fabrics makes this shirt incredibly wearable. While that might not be something that patchwork aficionados look for, those of us who want to spice things up with a little patchwork will almost universally appreciate this. Made in 100% cotton, this classically styled shirt is a no-brainer.

Available for $115 at Mr. Porter.

5) Polo Ralph Lauren: Short Sleeve Madras Shirt


Polo Ralph Lauren’s Short Sleeve Madras Shirt is another great example of how to make a patchwork shirt wearable. Made from a myriad of madras fabrics, this shirt matches it front chest pocket almost perfectly. It’s made in a simple style with a curved hem designed to be left untucked, and comes in at a price that’s quite palatable.

Available for $125 at End Clothing.

Plus One – Tigre Brocante: Sashiko Patchwork Shirt


Tigre Brocante’s Sashiko Patchwork Shirt is one of the most unique, short-sleeved patchwork shirts on the market. While it’s less patchwork-y than many of the other shirts on this list, given that it features panels of a single fabric, it makes up for this in other places. Its black-and-white colorway and sashiko reinforcements cement this shirt as one of the best patchwork shirts on the market if you’re looking to standout.

Available for $259CAD (~$198USD) at Blue Button Shop.