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UES Swaddles Your Keys 14.9oz. Denim and Saves You Some Scratch

We all love our various keyhook setups, but there are inescapable issues with carrying your keys strapped to your belt loop. The first issue is the noise! Especially if you have a fair number of keys on your hook, folks will be able to hear you from a mile away. The second is more pressing than a little jingle-jangle, it’s that your keys might accidentally scratch things around you (not to mention eat away at your pocket bags). How often do you lean on your car? And even if you’ve escaped catastrophe up until now, do you really want to try your luck?

UES has a cutesy solution to these two consequences to exposed keys, their 14.9oz Key Case. Available either in their flagship denim, or a white and black hickory stripe, these cases zip closed to conceal your keys and protect the scratchables around you. The case can also be worn on a belt or keyhook or simply thrown in a bag. And the keys aren’t free-floating in their case, there is another ring inside that you can fasten them to for easy access.

Both are made in Japan and feature the UES logo in a prominent font.

Available for $44 AUD (~$30USD) Corlection.