Battenwear’s Spring 2020 Collection is Now on Pre-Order

While fall might seem a bit far away, some brands are encouraging us to plan even farther in advance. Battenwear is such a brand, and by launching their Battenwear Cooperative, they’re clearly appealing to the organized consumers in our midst to take a look at their coming seasons and get a head start on their spring closets.

The SS20 collection is chock-full of groovy, outdoorsy pieces that will look just as good in your local dive as in a kayak on your closest lake. By ordering before these pieces go into production, you can guarantee your access to some of the more out-there pieces that may not be widely produced if retailers don’t bite. And there are a couple of more out-there fabrics in the mix including batik, Indian-made madras, and loud paisley all stray a little from the brand’s norm. The cool thing is, if you order before September 1, you can be sure to grab what will likely be small runs and have something unique to rock next spring.

And—even better—by pre-ordering, you get 20% off your order. And who could ever argue with that? Organization and planning pay off and if you get your act together, you’ll be getting some amazing stuff in the mail come February—and at a discount.

To view the entire collection, visit Battenwear.