The Beams Plus Fall/Winter 2019 Lookbook is Ivy All Over

Beams Plus just dropped their fall lookbook—titled All You Need is Ivy because themes—and while there’s a chance I could eventually reach a point in my life where a new Beams Plus lookbook won’t qualify as major news, I certainly haven’t arrived there yet*. 

(*For reference, I’m still at the precise point where I’m upset that Apple News didn’t notify me that this was in the works with a countdown clock of some kind. There’s absolutely zero precedence feeding into that expectation, but it’s an expectation nonetheless.) 

That’s probably a good thing, too, because Beams Plus puts together a lookbook as well as pretty much anyone does, and this one doesn’t disappoint (especially if you’re into chairs, oddly enough).

But a lookbook can’t be good if the clothes aren’t, so clothes. Beams always makes great ones of those and All You Need is Ivy carries on the tradition with a kaleidoscopic mix of seasonal silhouettes, reimagined classics, surprisingly good outerwear and an abundance of things to make your grandpa jealous. 

Standouts? Doesn’t sound like an unreasonable request, so fine. That Batik Camp Collar Jacket is an absolute banger, and the blue palette should (in theory) make it far more versatile than the wild pattern would traditionally allow for. And speaking of patterns, the Patchwork Knit Vest*, the Plaid Zip Cardigan and that Diamond Print Cardigan go very hard, and you can probably catch me wearing that Striped V-Neck Sweater in the biggest size they make sometime in October. 

(*Don’t fight it guys, you’re going to lose this one. I know, it sounds winnable, but that hill will be lonely come December, so just climb down now, open your minds to the power of the sweater vest and let your torso flex a little bit. Or don’t—I won’t be mad, just disappointed.) 

For bottoms, Beams+ ran back the classics—like the Two Pleat Chino, the 6 Pocket Over Pants and the 9/10 Trousers—in some wintery renditions, and the accessories lineup features the always-welcome Rib Watch Cap, this time done in a (presumably) soft cashmere. 

But don’t take my word for it, the whole book can be found through Beams.