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Blue Blue Japan Takes Their Indigo Expertise to This Velvet Sweatshirt

You probably hadn’t thought that velvet could or would be used for a sweatshirt. You probably didn’t think this hypothetical velvet sweatshirt would be dyed in indigo either, but guess what? What?

Blue Blue Japan did all that! Their Indigo-Dyed Velvet Sweatshirt is a slim-fit raglan sweatshirt and—as if it weren’t obvious yet—made of goddamn velvet and dyed an inky, gorgeous indigo. The piece has all those essential retro details we look for in a sweatshirt: the ribbed waist, cuffs, and the classic “v” insert. What this sweatshirt has that your run-of-the-mill Champion might not is depth and texture. The 100% cotton velvet is just going to get softer and more nuanced with wear and with that profoundly deep tone of indigo on top, you have some crazy fade potential. Maybe just don’t lean on any white walls or sit on any white couches for a while after buying this!

Available for $374AUD (~$250USD) at Corlection.