Fade of the Day – Hive Foundry Vato Custom 19 oz. (6 Months, 1 Soak)

These are the facts: Heddels reader Chi Yuan of Vancouver, Canada, has submitted a pair of Hive Foundry Jeans Vatos for today’s Fade of the Day. The custom jeans are inspired by miner work jeans from the late 19th to early 20th century with their curved pockets, including set-in watch pocket, selvedge waistband, and cinch back. Those are the facts. From here, things get hazy. What exactly did Chi do to achieve what can only be described as radioactive fades? Your guess is as good as ours. Whether these things were bit by a mutated insect or dipped in a vat of unknown chemicals, the results were very clearly worth it.

What makes this pair so so special is the mind-bending contrast between the wear points and the rest of the denim. The whiskers that extend all the way to the waist band are luscious and blend in with the unfaded area around them in a truly satisfying way. Nothing major is going on in the thighs and then BOOM! The knees are so intense, its like they are staring into your soul. The honeycombs are humble right now but definitely have potential. The seat steals the show on this pair with the cinch back giving the assist.  The blue hues achieved in this area are varied and striking, warranting endless hours of backside staring.

However Chi got to this point with these jeans, we are just happy he decided to send them in to us to showcase.