Fade Friday – Nudie x Oi Polloi Grim Tim Rainbow Warrior (~4.5 Years, 5 Washes, 2 Soaks)

It says here that Mitch Ison from Brisbane, Australia has sent us nudes for this week’s Fade Friday. That just can’t be right. Oh, hold on, that’s a typo? It should say “Nudie” as in Nudie Jeans? OK, let’s start over.

Mitch’s Nudie x Oi Polloi jeans have been with him for the long haul clocking in at four years and five months. In this time, he has given them a mere five washes and two soaks. And, it doesn’t take a denim detective to figure out that Mitch has done it all in these jeans; it’s written all over the fabric!

To be clear, regarding fades, Mitch has achieved shades of blue that some only dream of getting. In the upper thigh, not only are the whiskers strong, there appears to be an indigo rainbow (rarer than the double rainbow) stretching across the fabric showcasing tons of different blue hues. The thighs of these jeans have faded perfectly. The centers have reached that yellowy white color that indicates there is no more indigo to be squeezed out. The edges of the thighs are on their way to this fate but in the meantime are a bright yet full light blue. I’m telling you, if you ever get upset, just look at a picture of the thighs on this pair and you will calm right down.

In some ways, this submission was a tease because we couldn’t see the fade power on the backside. However, if it’s anything like the close up of the back pocket, I’m sure its a crowd-pleaser. That’s right, if only front pics warranted a Fade Friday post, pics of the back may have boosted this submission’s quality.

Unlike other fade posts, Mitch’s jeans go a step beyond. Not only are the fades show-stopping, they have “heaps of repairs”, mostly by Nudie. Although, I think the best repair was the kangaroo leather patch on the right knee. Not only is this the most Australian thing imaginable, its reminiscent of the Wrangler back pocket stamp but much more function conscious. Also, it will age so well.

You can follow Mitch’s personal Instagram at @mitchsmegapixels and his leatherwork at @isonleather.

Nudie Jeans x Oi Polloi Grim Tim Rainbow Warrior Raw Denim Jeans

  • Fabric: 100% cotton ring-spun selvedge denim
  • Fabric weight:
  • Fabric source: Japan
  • Made in: Italy
  • Fit: Slim tapered
  • Additional Details:
    • Rainbow selvedge
    • Rainbow arcuate stitching
    • Exposed selvedge watch pocket
    • Commemorative box with leather strap
    • Limited to 1,000 pairs
  • Available at: No longer available.