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Monitaly Gets Fuzzy With Their Shaggy Tyrolean Jackets

For the purpose of this Monitaly Shaggy Tyrolean Jacket, we’re going to pretend like it’s sometime in December because why not and also because that sounds nice right now* and also because both colorways could find a welcome home in almost any closet because this jacket (re: cardigan) is a legitimate cool-weather hitter and both colorways are pretty much unimpeachable and because it sounds nice for the second time. 

(*If you’re wondering when my byline became an unauthorized Weather Channel vertical, know that I’m wondering the same thing. I assume it was sometime in July, but I can’t be sure because I haven’t checked. Your suspicions are accurate, though. I have no defense.)

Made in Japan from an unapologetically fuzzy wool-blend fabric—the unrivaled star of the show—this one features a crew neckline, a button-front placket, two patch pockets at the waist and a straight hem, making it viable in a number of scenarios. Just not hot ones.

Available at Kafka Mercantile in printed brown and solid navy colorways, both for £335.00 (~$406 USD).