Dr. Martens Laces Up with nanamica for These Camberwell Shoes

To be up front, I’m pretty much only wearing Birkenstocks as we enter the part of summer that’s commonly referred to (in the scientific community, at least) as Honestly Please Stop How Much Does It Cost to Get to the North Pole and is It Even Cold There I Don’t Care It’s Worth a Shot—regardless of their situational appropriateness*. But that being said, these Dr. Martens x nanamica Camberwells are pretty fire.

(*Catch me at a wedding in some Bostons, idc right now.)

Sure, they look kind of intimidating, but they’re really not. Is that subjective? Yes, but it feels right so let’s roll with it. Made in England from a rich pebble leather and available in two colorways, this Camberwell has all the things you’d be looking for in a Doc—Goodyear welt construction, metal eyelets, market-leading comfort—but it also has a pretty wild AirWair Zigzag sole and white laces, which is certainly notable.

And once (/if) we ever can comfortably leave air-conditioned spaces again, both the black and the dark tan variations will level up just about any fall fit. So buy them now and will a 72º day into existence. Please. 

Available for $370CAD (~$280USD) at Haven.