The Real McCoy’s Works Overtime with Their Double-Knee Work Trousers

Light in weight for seasonal comfort, yet robustly made from quality ingredients – such as double-paneled at the knee for extra durability—The Real Mccoy’s latest is right on time for those putting in hard work under the summer sun, and anyone else looking for retro-repro vibes.

The kings of improving upon the past are back at it again with a made-in-Japan, 100% cotton painters-style pant with tons of requisite utility pockets, cut from a 10.5oz. shrink-to-fit denim. That’s right, this is shrink-to-fit, so if you like to play the wet pants guessing game, you’ve found your moment of zen. The dark tone of the denim is complemented (nicely) by a white contrast thread throughout, resulting in a simple-yet-eye-catching look that’s forcing flashbacks from the ’90s within your’s truly. I’m sure that Virtua Fighter-era styling will be enticing enough for a few to risk the STF mishaps. Whether you’re a hard-working hero, a Real McCoy’s junkie, or just looking to recreate Dr. Dre’s winter-of-’92 look, hey, here’s the one for you.

Available for $425CAD (~$320USD) at Lost And Found