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Maillot Invests in the Warm Fuzzies with Their Wool Boa Piping Vest

If a petting zoo were a garment, it would be Maillot’s Wool Boa Piping Vest. You might think this vest isn’t for you but no matter who you are, you might just be playing yourself.

Firstly, you’ve got the roomy silhouette that works as both a fashion statement and a layering friendly characteristic. Secondly, there are the side pockets which are definitely a statement but also might be the coolest functional detail I’ve seen this season. Lastly, there is the real world object-friendly breast pocket which works as a palate cleanser in the sea of fleece. And yes, Maillot used cat eye button on it just to show that everything about this thing is intentional. This vest is made in Japan and can satiate both the fashion and the function heads out there as the temps drop.

Available for $270 at Namu Shop