Margaret Howell Goes to Work with Their MHL Work Vest

First time I ever saw a piece from Margaret Howell was in Paris. The piece in question was a pair of enormous pleated pants, posed tantalizingly in a shop window located somewhere near the Marais, which I could never find again. And perhaps it’s for the best. MHL’s minimal and gorgeous pieces are hard to resist. No extraneous details here, only intentionality and uber high-quality.

This same attention to detail can be seen in their Work Vest, made from a washed black cotton drill fabric. The only pop of extra-ness comes from the sheepskin lining, which magically complements the black cotton and will trap body heat close to your body when you need it. The vest zips shut for your convenience and has two pockets, each with a double entry, so you have someplace to hide your hands when it’s chilly out. Vests can be hard to rock, but this one makes it easy by keeping things low-key—you know, except for the quality, which is, of course, high-key.

A little bit like the iconic Fistful of Dollars vest, but one that’s sophisticated enough for wear in any of the European capitals, you won’t want to miss out on this handsome layer this fall.

Available for $535CAD (~$400USD) at Lost & Found.