Iron Heart Looks Back to Medieval England for its Kersey Western Shirt

Ah yes, the Middle Ages. We remember them fondly: the plagues, the dragons, the castles, and of course the……Kersey cloth? Made for when you have jousting at seven but drinks at eight the Iron Heart Kersey Western Shirt is the modern-day chain mail for knights of expensive menswear.

If you’re like me and had no idea what Kersey cloth was before this article, you’re in luck, because I’ve done a little research. Named after the yarn and village known as Kersey in Medieval England, this coarse yarn is spun in large gauges which accounts for its thickness. Historically made from wool, Iron Heart has had its Kersey woven in Japan at 14 oz. per-square-yard. Yep, that’s about as heavy as the average pair of jeans. It’s reactive-dyed on both the warp and weft yarns, meaning no fading will occur.

By using an old English fabric type, woven in Japan, and sewn into an iconic Americana silhouette, Iron Heart has achieved a global garment worthy of a place in any rugged wardrobe. Each shirt is made in Japan with single, double and triple needle stitch construction, Western front and rear yokes, felled internal seams, and black Iron Heart branded Permex snaps.

Available for $350 at Iron Heart.