Momotaro Eschews Discharge for a Sashiko Wabash Workshirt

Momotaro is raising the work shirt stakes with its 8oz. Indigo Wabashed Sashiko Workshirt. Unlike classic wabash fabric which consists of discharge printed wabash, the dotted pattern on this shirt was woven, hence sashiko, which refers to decorative reinforcement stitching.

Not only will this give the shirt a unique raised texture, it ensures the wabash pattern will stay sharp over time. In addition to this unique pattern, the shirt features iron buttons, two chest pockets, and a combination of single and triple needle stitched construction. However, it also has some updated features to make you look less like you stepped out of a time machine like a shorter, slimmer fit and fancy chain stitched run off.

Made in japan out of 100% cotton, this is made shirt to last a very long time and will only look better as it ages.

Available for $189 at Corlection.