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Momotaro Honors Its Peach-Laden Heritage with Selvedge Bandanas

Momotaro can do a proper bandana to match their expertly crafted jeans, the “Selvage Bandana” is the perfect accessory for the Momo fan out there with seasonal allergies, or anyone looking for a solidly made pocket rag. These Japanese cotton selvedge twill bandanas are discharge printed with a repeating pattern that features Momotaro’s signature lucky peach imbedded throughout the square pattern. This simple but classic style of design will be familiar to fans of vintage bandanas, stars and dots collide in an ornate display, the only thing missing is some paisley.

Available in overdyed blue and red color options, the bandana performs 101 uses, just one being wiping your nose in style. I never get caught without a selvedge accessory of some kind, and now that my allergies are acting up, I’m stuffing every pocket and wrapping every body part on me with a quality made bandana (and popping a Claritin-D).

Available for $22 at Corlection.