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The Litmus Moon Calendar Follows The Lunar Cycle In Rich Natural Indigo

If knowing when the moon in your sign is important to you, or if you just might want a refreshing take on a calendar display to put on your wall, check out the 2020 Litmus Indigo-dyed Moon Calendar. You’ll always know when you’re about to transform into a werewolf, for the calendar shows precise times coinciding with full and crescent moons throughout the year– it’s good to plan ahead.

The Indigo-dyed Moon Calendar utilizes indigo fermentation, a Japanese method of dying called “Tennen-Aku-Hakko” to achieve the rich shade of natural indigo before you. The calendar comes complete with wooden dowel rods with a hanging rope attached, so you can hang it with the rest of your indigo-dyed artwork, you might not want to take this one down when the year is over. You’ll know it’s almost 2021 when this banner of a calendar is nice and sun faded like your other indigo-dyed goodies.

Available for $98 at Namu Shop.