Winter Session’s New Bags Are Pretty Hip

I’ll excuse these Winter Session Hip Sacks for existing as an IRL “Me, an Intellectual” meme*, mostly because these seem like really good bags, but also because meme templates have shorter shelf lives than non-organic milk.  

(*You: Fanny pack. Me, an intellectual: Hip sack. That one.)

Built with an 18oz. waxed, water-resistant cotton canvas and coming in seven colorways, this discreet, versatile bag is finished with solid brass YKK zippers, leather zipper pulls, a zipped pocket at the outside, a stash pocket at the inside and adjustable nylon straps that close with a heavy-duty plastic buckle for good measure. 

So is calling this a “Hip Sack” a little like calling Lil Jon “Diminutive Jonathan”? Absolutely. But two counter points: 1) you could wear it as a cross-body bag (but deal with the fallout of said decision) and the name wouldn’t apply and 2) it’s such a well-made bag that it really doesn’t matter what the name is. 

Available for $85 in seven different colorways, all at Winter Session.