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Fade Friday – Oyuki Denim Kids Jeans (2.5 Years, 0 Washes, 0 Soaks)

This week’s installment of Fade Friday comes to us all the way from The Netherlands where Olivier Brouwer has worn his Oyuki Denim for the last 2.5 years without a single wash or soak. Clocking in at 179 days of total wear, Olivier has done it all in his jeans, from going to class and visiting the beach, to hanging out with friends.

While some people have become more attune to fade-cred and achieving specific styles of fades – which is an art in itself – Olivier went for the anything goes route. He’s worn his jeans hard, period. With bright white fade points along the knees and thighs, high contrast honeycombs behind the knees, and gradual fading around the seat, these jeans brightly showcase raw denim’s fading potential. Both knees blew out at different points down the line, with the right knee receiving repairs at the Denham Denim Bar in Amsterdam, and the left knee getting fixed up at the Rode Winkel in Utrecht.

Now that he’s outgrown these jeans, Olivier is looking for some new denims to carve up.  However, he’s having a hard time. See, the thing is, Oliver is 12-years-old and started these jeans when he was just 9! Oops did I not mention that yet?  Yeah, let that soak in for a minute. This young denim king has been fading jeans longer than some adults. He’s the youngest fader we’ve seen and represents the next generation of denim heads. Never stop Olivier! Oh and for jeans, maybe try 3sixteen’s new kids jeans?

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